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Title: 6 Months.
Prompt: #06 Pride.
Author:  thebellaset
Pairing: Jess Bowen/Cassadee Pope (The Summer Set/Hey Monday)
Rating: General
Summary: Jess is so proud of her girlfriend while she's on her solo tour. The Arizona date is fortunately on their 6 month anniversary but Jess tells Cassadee she can't go.
Warnings: Girl talk and adorableness.
Disclaimer: Don't own. If I did they would be in my room right now. :)

CassIsQueen: Hey babygirl! :3
JessPlaysDrums: Happy six months, baby. I miss you so much, but I'm happy you're having fun on tour.<3
CassIsQueen: Yess, but you know what today is right? Like besides our 6 months.
JessPlaysDrums: Uhm, the day I became complete? <3 :3
CassIsQueen: I love you. But today is my Arizona tour date!! I get to see you when you come down to the showw!! :D
JessPlaysDrums: Oh.. Shit. Babe, I have family shit I need to do. I was hoping we could skype or something...?
CassIsQueen: Or I could comeover after my set..
JessPlaysDrums: Don't you have fans to meet?
CassIsQueen: But I wanna see you..
JessPlaysDrums: Don't let your fans down, babygirl. I'll always be here.
CassIsQueen: Alright.. I have soundcheck, I love you. 
JessPlays Drums: I love you too. I'll text you.
CassIsQueen has logged off.
JessPlaysDrums has logged off.
Jess smirked and turned to her bestfriend Stephen. "Perfection plan." 

Stephen rolled his eyes. "You'll find some way of messing it up. Its in your nature."

"That's why you, Josh and John are helping! So I won't fuck everything up!"

"Why isn't Brian helping by the way?"
"Cause that dumbass is a loud mouth. He'd probably tweet something stupid about being a ninja and I know for a fact that he's going to the show so he thinks I'm doing family shit too." Jess explained as walked to her closet. "I took John shopping with me a couple days ago. He helped me pick two outfits... Something Cassadee would like, but now you need to pick which one I should wear."

"You spent money on two different outfits and you're not even going to wear one of them? Also, Cassadee likes you when you're all sweaty and in a tank top and skinny jeans, why are you trying to impress her?" Stephen asked.

"Well I want tonight to be special! Is that so wrong? I want her to look at me and be speechless." Jess grinned, totally imagining it in her head.

"Fine, I'll never understand girls." Stephen chuckled.

"That's why you don't have a girlfriend."

"I don't want one."

"I wouldn't think so. Josh is a very lovely boyfriend. Plus, you're the girl in the relationship, I don't understand why you don't understand us." Jess giggled.

"Shut up!" Stephen blushed. He didn't agree with the fact that he was the girl in the relationship, because well, he totally was. "Now show me your damn outfits!" 

"Alright so these together and then these together. I know I would never wear these things if it wasn't for Cassadee but, it is so I'm happy to do it."

"The dress is really pretty, but can you stand the heels?"

"I've been practicing." Jess slipped the heels on and walked like a proper princess. "But I'm kinda really digging the corset top. My boobs look fabulous." 

Stephen let out a breath trying not to laugh at how girly his best friend was acting. "The first outfit is more Jess like. Maybe save the dress for like, your year anniversary or when you ask her to marry you." He winked at Jess knowing the girl had been thinking about it already.

"That's a good idea, plus, if I'm gonna be in the crowd I'm not going to want to be in heels." Jess nodded.

"Well I'll go wait in the living room until you're done getting ready. Josh must be dying of boredom. 

"No sex on my couch!" Jess yelled after him.

"No promises!" Stephen laughed as he walked out of the room.


The first two acts had gone on and Jess was in the front row with Josh and Stephen beside her. At her feet she had a sign that read: "I LOVE YOU, CASSADEE POPE. Happy Six Months, I am so proud of you.<3"

When Cassadee came on stage Jess held the sign in front of her face and since it was rather large, it covered any trace of the person holding it being Jess.

Cassadee greeted her fans and then noticed the sign. She smiled. She went to get it and smiled at Josh and Stephen, Cassadee was sure this had to be Brian holding it when she took it from the person her jaw dropped. "Jess!" 

The crowd screamed as Cassadee pulled her girlfriend up on stage and kissed her. When they pulled away both of them had shit eating grins that wouldn't go away. 

"Sorry guys, but look!" Cassadee held up the sign Jess had made and everyone went crazy again. Jess waved and bowed and kissed Cassadee's cheek before going off stage on the right wing.

Cassadee began her set and tried to be as normal as possible but kept looking to the side and smiling at her girlfriend.

Jess couldn't take her eyes off her girlfriend, she was so beautiful in every way possible. Her voice was flawless, so much passion and heart in her music and she was so perfect Jess just rambled in her head when she tried to describe her.

Every lyric she sang out had so much passion and Jess was just so proud of how far she had gotten herself. 

"Hey, do guys mind if I play a song for my girlfriend?" Cassadee asked the crowd. Everyone screamed for her to do so. Cassadee motioned Jess to come back on stage and she did.

She began to sing 6 Months just her and her guitar and microphone. It was mind blowing and Jess couldn't stop smiling. She felt that it was only them in the room. Everything was so perfect. Nothing could ruin them.